Subject: Thats great Tim...
Posted by Bourbon on September 26, 1999 at 08:37:36 from

In Reply to: OK, here's my update posted by Tim on September 25, 1999 at 22:31:43:

: ok, my two are still doing great. They are definately pocket trained or well fro that matter trained on sleeping in whatever you kinda present to them. During the day they just like to curl up and zzzzz. When they are wakened they generally hop up on my back and content to sit up there for awhile (usually pooping and peeing on me in the process). I can take them with me anywhere and not have to worry about them escaping. All they want to do is sleep hehe.
: They are eating good although it seems like they have gotten much more picky as of late. Also it seems they are really picking at the Brisky's alot more. They still are waking up around 12-1 am so I hope this continues getting earlier. Must also say it is soo fun watching them play in my room at night. These 2 are soo funny.
: Well thats my update. sorry it wasn't sooner but I don't stop in as frequently anymore due to classes going on now and since the board has changed.
: Tim, Radar, and Skye

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