Subject: Pregnant or not.
Posted by Dustin on December 05, 1997 at 13:06:17:

Listen to this: I bought two gliders, one male one female.

Well, I had doubts that they were of oppisite sex. After I

posted my message here, I went to a local pet store to have

her look at them. It turns out that they are both females.

Here's the weird part. She says that one is a baby and the

other is an adult. And she's pregnant!!! I'm not sure if I

got screwed or not. If the baby is a boy, great! I can

breed it with the female. Anyway, when I look at the females

pouch she look like she has one in there, but when I touch

it, I don't feel anything in there. Is it because she's

fat and her skin is loose, or is she really pregnant?



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