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Thanks for the help. I do have another question. The leadbeaters diet said to you a high protein cereal, the highest I could find is 3 grams, is that about right or are there some that I have missed? Also, do I mix in baby food chicken or turkey and if so at what ratio.

: from the research that many have done cat food is now considered a large no-no that can cause intestinal problems. So we would suggest not to feed that (that includes you Jess). also bird seed is not a good diet for gliders. They are not adapted to eating seeds and seeds tend to have a high fat content and are too dry for gliders. I would also not feed this to gliders if I want them to stay healthy. And as to adapting the leadbeaters mix, many people vary which baby food they put in or add in some extra fruit or protein but leaving out the Repcal and using glideraide is not advisable. Note if you are using another vitamin mix such as glider booster I do not know this fully and do not condone or vilify that decision. The leadbeaters is made then frozen to keep it fresh- you can hand feed it if you wish but others merely place it in a dish to thaw and feed it at night. I believe B then mixes in veg to encourage her gliders to eat veg. Personally I have at least two gliders who ravenously eat their veg devouring their green beans, lima beans and carrots like mealworms (note these are two healthy well proportioned amply fed gliders)
: do read more on this page
: come back if you need more help
: .
: : Hey, I'm not Bourbon, but nonetheless, I've got something to say on this...
: : I have made a leadbeaters mix which was made by Bourbon, but I think I changed it a little, and have fed it to my single glider for over a year and it has worked wonderfully. All I do is pour it in icecube trays (which are the perfect serving size!) and freeze it. I give one a night (frozen, it will thaw in 15 minutes, and she'll be up by then). I also give a mix of catfood and fruit/seed mix which she eats a little of. Plus fresh fruit and veggies. I used to feed Gliderade, but now I just put it in the leadbeaters. My recipie is this:
: : 1 jar of Gerber chicken baby food
: : 1 jar of Gerber mixed fruit baby food
: : 1 jar of Gerber mixed fruit juice
: : 1 tablespoon wheat germ
: : 1 teaspoon glider ade (or other vitamins)
: : 1 1/2 cups of Gerber baby cereal w/ fruit bits
: : 1 hard boiled egg with shell (I don't always use this because in my house we usually have duck eggs, and they are really rich, and larger than chicken eggs, so I don't know if they are ok or not.)
: : 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey

: : Throw all in a blender and puree until lump free. Freeze. It works great and my glider *loves* it!!

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