Subject: MY BAD ON the Outrage post
Posted by Scout on December 17, 1997 at 12:16:35:

Caroline MY BAD!!!!i was wroung, but for good reason. i'm posting my copy of that letter to show u why i didn't know about the $80

Hi Scout,

No, I don't know anyone out your way who breeds sugar gliders, In fact I send a lot out that way for that reason. While you may occaisionally see people in the States advertising gliders for the equialent of around $120 CAN this is not the norm and the animals almost vertainly are not tame. I ship a lot of gliders into the Chicago and they sell for $300 each in pet stores. The best I can do for your is $150 CAN for a hand tame baby. Shippin crates are $20. Delivery by Canadian Air

now i have had problems with cut-offs before but if u read that u'll se it sounds like a fairly normal NON-CUTOFF msg.

i'am totaly roung and sorry!!!!

now 2 things i have for u is 1 soon after i made that post i told someone that they SHOULD buy from u, and his isn't a person that i'd want to miss inform!!!

the other is i think its pretty sad u'd bring my Dad in on this!

lastly u'd have only had to tell me that i was wroung give me the mail agian and i would have been happy to say i was wroung on my own(personaly i think it sounds better if i had said it before u when blaring all over and making me look like a total ass)!!

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