Subject: Scared!!!!!
Posted by Amber Pfeil on December 21, 1997 at 09:04:41:

Thanks to all who answered my last questions!! I have more, as I said my glider is 7 months old and I just got him 2 days ago, he will come out of his nesting box when he is awake when I call him by name, if I let him out he is very happy and wants to roam, I am scared to let him roam to far, because I don't want him to get lost..when do you know when you can trust him not to roam for good??? After I let him run around for a bit I put him back in his cage and talk to him and I will try to pet him and he will bite me, it is like he is telling me I want out to play, because if I let him out he does not bite me. How do you know when he is bonded good with you??? I was also told that I needed to give a suplement, where do I get this and what is it called? How often do I give it to him? I also want to get him a mate, does anybody have any advice for this???

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