Subject: Unhealthy looking baby glider
Posted by George K. on October 03, 1997 at 16:23:53:

I recently purchased two baby gliders (one male, one female).
The male appears to be doing much better than the female.
After one week, the eats well, runs and plays alot, has adjusted
to my wife and I very well, and has a very well kept fur. The
female does not appear to be doing as well. She seems to eat
at least as much as the male, gets active at night (running around
on the cage floor and on the wheel), but moves very lethargically
when we are around and her fur is all matted on her tail and
on the underside of her body.

Is she not well? Is there anything we should/can do? Or is this
a common "readjustment" symptom for a young glider in a new

The breeder informed us that they are about 7-8 weeks out of the

Please respond so we can help our little glider.

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