Subject: Re: new glider
Posted by Shannon on December 25, 1997 at 21:03:53:

In Reply to: new glider posted by Cyndy on December 01, 1997 at 19:43:28:

: We got a new sugar glider about a week ago. His name is
: maverick. We are having a hard time bonding with him, I think?
: We are now alowed to pet him, but, he will not come to us.
: We can not pick him up and he won't go into any of our
: pockets.

: Could use some ideas!!!!
: Thanks

: My glider trusts and loves me, but doesn't want to be picked up, it makes him feel vunerable. He will climb on my arm and up to my shoulder. As far as i can see he hates pockets and prefers to sleep on my shoulder under my shirt, that is where he is right now, I can feel his ears twitching as he hears the key board. The main thing with a glider is let them get used to you, and then they will grow to trust and love you...Happy gliding...Shannon

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