Subject: Re: Please do not put her to sleep!
Posted by Ellen on June 20, 2000 at 02:04:22 from

In Reply to: Re: Please do not put her to sleep! posted by Jessica and Toby and the new little girl on June 20, 2000 at 01:09:35:

This really sets me on fire. If you can't or wont work with the glieder and try and understand her then why kill her. God forbid the 3 children that I raised could at times be put into that catagory. It doesnt seem you have sone much reasech. YOu should and you should listen to the responses yo have gotten. You have offers of homes for her and a new diet that is far better than Brisky's that could help her. I had a little girl glider near death 3 weeks ago and Bourbon worked with me on getting her well. SHe is now gone from 62gm to 80gm. It took work and love.
Anamils are at OUR disposal. If we get tired of them then give them away or kill them. Can't do that with humans can we? That is totally unfair that anyone should even consider doing what you are talking about becasue she has a problem that I bet could be fixed if she had love and patience the RIGHT diet and trust.
I hope you do the right thing and if not I hope you can live with your self afterwards

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