Subject: Re: MEAN glider - HELP!
Posted by Audrey Evan Smith on December 31, 1997 at 17:17:14:

In Reply to: Re: MEAN glider - HELP! posted by Micah on December 01, 1997 at 16:35:28:

: Pablo-
: Thanks for the link. I am still apprehensive when handling
: her, Though she is starting to come around a bit. Today she
: put both of her front legs on my hand, she even looked as
: if she wanted to be held, but I didn't dare reach for her.
: I am trying to build her trust up. She is eating out of my
: hand now, but will not come out of her nest box long enough
: to eat from her dish. I have only gotten her to eat flour
: tortillas and carrots so far. I still cannot see signs of
: her drinking yet either. I am worried about that.Anyone
: know any tricks?

: Try feeding her juicy fruits like cantelope, and watermelon. She should get enough water from the foods she eats. We rarely see our glider drink water. Also, our glider likes the dark and is more active in the dark. Try placing the food outside of the cage and leaving the door open at night while you sit there with the lights off. I bet your glider will come out and play! Micah

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