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sorry about not answering previously but try this page

I get no kickback but I do love Betsy to death! She is great and it is what you need

: : ouch. Is there anywhere to even order it?

: : I used the repcal companies website to find a retailer

: : and I found 2 that were animal clinics and they were in different cities which I have no idea where they are.

: : Think I should just keep searching or settle for a subsitute?

: I have no Idea. I asked people if there where any websites that sell it but I got know reply on that I am sorry. Only thing that I can say is to scroll down on this page and find a section that says "Now what do I do- Missy and Peepers 23:20:32 06/17/2000 (5)" that is what I wrote when I couldn't find RepCal. Read all the replies and see if they help you.

: Missy

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