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Maria, my last little guy we neutered at 8 weeks old.He reacted well and has no health problems. Why do I know this- he was returned to me one year after they took him with no warning. A phone call in the am and a glider handed to me in a pouch at night. He is a very healthy happy rambuctious little boy. I think as long as the testicles have dropped then all is fine. By the way he lives with four females so if he wasnt neutered I would know it. But he doesnt know and boy is he proud of his harem- we call him (P)Elvis!

: : Neutering I think should start at the breeders before they go to other homes.. I am liking the PA and UTAH laws more and more each day...

: Ok, Bourbon, now I need another opinion. My vet says to surgically neuter prior to 5 or 6 months oop is dangerous to the gliders health and he wouldn't do it or recommend it. They are just too small and young to deal with the anesthetic. The tie-off method has been used for several years by another breeder because it is done at 6 weeks oop with minimal stress to the gliders. I've heard that this breeder hasn't had any complications, but I have no first hand experience with this procedure.

: So, are you advocating that breeders should hold on to the gliders until the gliders are 5 or 6 months oop, then neuter prior to sale? Or are you suggesting a contract with purchasers where they agree to neuter at the appropriate age (which is not easily enforced)? Or would you want the breeders to have their vet use the tie-off method to sell only neutered youngsters?

: I freely admit that I'm torn because none of the options are great and yet I do agree that there are problems with people breeding.

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