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Posted by Pockets on July 26, 2000 at 23:41:22 from

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It seems like it would price alot of nice people like you & myself, right out of ever buying a Sugar glider! Unscrupulous breeders would then only be in it for the $$ as the price for glider's would be very high.
(This seems to be what these jerks do)
I do not like the thought of only the wealthy having glider's & if you were on a glider waiting list it could take several years to obtain a "Little person".

: If they uped the price of breeding licenses, since for small scale hobby breeders its like 30 bucks? or something..
: they should up that like 3 times yes i think if they increased all the USDA breeding fees atleast 3 x what they are now people would think TWICE, THREE times? about if they REALLY wanna breed that bad.
: I mean, afterall there would still be some breeders so the extra cost would make up for the ones they decided against it. I honestly dont think they gov. would loose any money over this movement.. what do you think??

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