Subject: Re: Scared!!!
Posted by PHIBIEN on January 22, 1998 at 18:35:09:

In Reply to: Scared!!! posted by Amber Pfeil on December 21, 1997 at 08:50:31:

OK Amber heres what you should do.I my self have a sugar glider and a ferret with other animals and I recomend glider proofing your room or house or buy a Hampster Ball. I've found that hampster balls work very nicly. You can buy glider suplments throgh magazines; I recomend Specialty Exiotics. Hope I can help with my recomendations!

: Thanks to all that answered some of my questions, I have some more. My glider is 7 months old and as I said I just got him 2 days ago. He will come to me when I call his name and run back and forth till I open the cage door. I let it out and he runs around, I am scared to let him go to far though..I don't want him to get lost. When do you know that you can let him roam around but be for sure that he will come back. He seems to get upset when I put him back in his cage. I was also told that I needed to give him a suplement, where do I get this?? I would also like to get another one (a mate) and have some babies, does anybody have any advice on this????
: Thank you,
: Amber

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