Subject: Re: Sterlilzing Tree Branches???
Posted by Terry on October 07, 1997 at 14:44:15:

In Reply to: Sterlilzing Tree Branches??? posted by John T. on October 07, 1997 at 14:37:37:

: I just got a glider two days ago and I am
: slowly setting up her cage. I heard that I am supposed to add branches to
: her cage so she can chew and play. Well then here is my question how do I
: go about sterilizing them. I mean when I have iguanas I was told to put
: the dirt in the oven with a potatoe and when the potatoe was cooked the
: dirt was sterile. If I do this with a stick would I soak if for a day or
: two in water and then put it in the oven at 200 F and cook a potatoe with
: it. maybe I seem silly with this but I live out here surrounded by farms
: and I really don't know what is on my trees. Any help or if you could
: point me in the direction I am looking for I would appreciate it.

Interesting request.
I wouldnt worry about sterilizing anything. Gliders in the
wild dont have sterilized branches to run around on... They need a few branches
to climb on and sit and hang from. A glider needs to remain as active as
possible, so if you can have a cage that is all wire mesh with 2 or more
branches and maybe even some branches with leaves, they can run around on
the cage walls and ceiling, jump to and from the branches, and find places to
hide. My gliders instantly stripped my branches of the bark. Also, I have
found that my gliders urinate all over the tree limbs, so when you clean
the cage, it is best to clean the logs. I just leave them in the cage and take
the whole mess outside and drench it with the water hose for a few minutes
and let the sun bake it dry and clean for an hour or whatever. Please be a
friend and give your gliders a decent sized home where they can exercise and run
around and do stuff. I always recommend a large sized hamster wheel for
exercise and entertainment.

Good luck and keep us informed about your animals.


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