Subject: Re: sugargliders
Posted by Terry on October 07, 1997 at 14:48:54:

In Reply to: sugargliders posted by Jonathan on October 04, 1997 at 12:48:12:

: My sugarglider bites me whenever I get him out to play.
: What should I do? I've tried as hard as I can to get him used to me. Please write me back and let me know what I can do.Thanks.

Put on a leather winter glove and take him out to play. Let him bite to his content. Do this for as many days as it takes. BE PATIENT. The animals are complex thinkers and will not be fooled easily. After he bites the crud out of your glove a few time he will soon realize that his actions change nothing and will be a bit more reluctant to bite. PLEASE dont give him a reason to bit you. Be kind and gentle and always remember that you are handling a little person. If he doesnt want to come out and play, then leave him alone. You might try that too, put him in a isolated room alone for a week and I am sure that he will soon be begging for attention from you. It worked on my little brother anyway... :)

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