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: : Hi,
: : I just got my glider two days ago and was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of veggies she can have. Also wondering if it is normal for her to run like all day long. She will wake up like 3 in the afternoon and be up when I get home from work at like 9 in the morning . Then she goes back to sleep for a little while and runs some more.. is this a normal behavior for a little 8 week old glider

: Feed her apples, they love apples! At least mine does.
: I know it's not a veggie, but they like 'em...

Hi! offer the glider lots of different things,
it will try what it finds interesting.
I feed mine all kinds of fruits, diced.
When I'm lazy, I give them fruit coctail.
Also as treats (I only give these out of my hand):
they like pinenuts, walnuts pieces, almond slices and peanuts,
all raw, unsalted.
Lettuce, celery.
Sometimes I save some of the food off of my dinner plate and
they especially like that. Chicken especially.
Crickets from the pet store.
Gerber chicken noodle dinner is a favorite of theirs too.
Don't give them the same thing every day, they get bored.
The appetite varies from day to day too,
sometimes they eat a little, sometimes alot.
Also, give fruit nectar, carrot juice or any fruit juice.
Hang a parrot's seed treet. Kitten chow. Non-fat yogurt.
The hours yours keeps will probably change as it adapts.

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