Subject: Re: what is the best diet for my sugar gliders i have two pair?
Posted by kay on November 17, 1998 at 19:54:41:

In Reply to: Re: question on sugargliders posted by Terry on September 29, 1997 at 20:06:48:

: : I was wondering why my sugarglider nibbles on me and then
: : bites? Someone told me its because he thinks he's grooming
: : but it hurts and leaves small bruises on me. I love him but
: : I'm considering giving him up for another one if I can't find a
: : solution.

: My female does that to me. She used to bite the living ____ out of me, but now she trusts me and loves me. The nibble is a warning that she is about to bite you, and the bite will come soonafter. If you get a nibble, avoid letting them bite you. If mine bite me, I thunk them in the nose with my finger. It is a mean thing to do, but so is biting. At this point we have a mutual understanding and everything goes well, and they love my attention. Again, just remember that the nibble is a warning that the animal is unhappy with whatever you are doing. Move slowly around the animals, make a lot of normal noise so they can know it is you moving around them, and let them get used to your touch. A good idea is to not grab the animals. They HATE being grabbed. I try to allow them to climb on my hand or arm by themselves or if neccessary, I will try to slide them onto my hand. If you grab, you will probably get nibbled.

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