Subject: Re: Sugar gliders
Posted by Thresa on October 10, 1997 at 00:04:04:

In Reply to: Sugar gliders posted by Krystina on October 08, 1997 at 16:30:00:

: My sugar glider is a bitch about bitting me. Is there somethimg I can do?
Wow, I know what you mean. It can be a real ass hole, huh?
How long have you had the glider? Are you able to spend
much time with it? How old is it? There's so many variables.
I have a method of taming them using a sock. This works any
time of day, morning or afternoon. I give the glider a
treat, when it's enjoying it, I put it into a sock.
I close the sock securely. The glider will get mad and even
try to bite through the sock, please be patient. Pet it and
talk to it as lovingly as you can. It will fight, but
eventually, it will settle down and take a bath. Keep giving
it your lovingest touch and voice. It will eventually fall
asleep. You can keep the sleeping glider with you all day
in the sock. Open it every once in a while and offer it
a goodie you know it likes. From then on only give the
glider that goodie when you have it in it's sock. I like
to handle mine in it's sock or my pocket because then it
won't bite me or pee on me. It thinks the "pouch" is the
safest most pleasurable place in the world.

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