Subject: You are an irresponsible little girl
Posted by on November 23, 1998 at 02:55:42:

In Reply to: For Jane posted by JessRoo on November 22, 1998 at 19:26:00:

You just unnerved me to no end I have also read each and every post you have ever written and it seems to me you lost interest in poor Roo a long time ago. You made it sound as if you were so worried about Roo when you thought she was dying. you were more worried about what you were doing with college and being with your friends and other activities, that you had when you posted about not being able to spend time with Roo. Then it seems that you now have an interest in horses. Don't you pull that high and mighty off with Jane. You say you have left her alone for longer than that. That is stupid and irresponsible. You got upset because everyone comes down on you when you do post something. As mad as you get and give people your all mighty attitude. You deserve it. You probably would get mad enogh to hit Roo if he upset you. You poor little spoiled brat. you are a good reason that a lot of people are against teenagers getting a glider. You acted as if you loved her and was taking good care of her, then you say that gliders are not as fragile as people say.That you leave yours alone for days at a time, that you feed her left over Briskeys, I pray to the heavenly father up in heaven for Roo everytime I read one of your posts. I hope some day you will grow up and see that Roo deserves better, much better, than the way you seem to treat her. The world is a circle and what goes around comes around. you will have a husband that treats you as bad as you treat Roo. Take this post for what it is. MY OPINION OF YOU. Now you will come back and try to slam everyone and show your little 13 year old temper tantrum and swear you do everything right. You are not grown up enough to look at this post and SEE what you do to poor ROO.. It is people like you that the ASPCA and USDA should be called on. Your Dad won't let you have another glider because he probably knows you don't take care of the one you have. I also hope that Ramona reads these posts then she will see how irresponsible you really are. If she loves her glider as much as she says she does, she would never allow him to stay with you at all. You little brat. I have to agree. Grow up and assume your responsibilities or give Roo to someone that would love her and take good care of her.

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