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Posted by Jane on November 23, 1998 at 09:24:15:

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I posted here so taht everyone can read my post. and i was stating a response to Jess's irresponsibility. If you look at Jess' post on glider Island she attacks me as being uneducated about gliders. I quote "You are being over protective and lame because you have faulty advise". My advice about petsitting is very valid and I urge everyone who needs to to listen. Being busy isnt a crime - animal abuse is.
: Jess left her Email address, if we must attack her personally why don't we just Email her, and post the constructive/informative info here? If you don't like my post just Email me, I always include an address. If all of you had left an address Jess could respond with out turning this into a lot of "playground posturing". Heck I could have Emailed you directly but you don't leave me that option. Please note: I'm not saying your wrong, (they are your feelings after all) or that Jess is right, just that sniping is inappropriate.
: my edit of Jane's post:"You can easily hire a petsitter. I get the person to come in midday and remove the old food and add a
: container of mixed frozen fruit and vegetables every day. The glider is not awake and so does not escape
: and the glider is fed fresh fruit. It is easy to hire a petsitter and I urge every responsible owner to do jusat
: that if they must leave their glider for a while. I have done this once a year for three years now. As my
: gliders are in pairs they are fine for a short while on their own. They are a bit miffed when I return but
: frankly my chinchillas resent it more."

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