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Posted by Kady on November 25, 1998 at 00:05:13:

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Well I have to agree with this person and the person who called her irresponsible. She seems to have lost interest in Roo. I would not ever under ANY circumstances leave any of my gliders alone period. As for the irresponsibility, giving your snail mail address out o people you don't know well and doing childish things is why people like me discourage teens from getting gliders. In my opinion you need to be at least 20 before you concider getting a glider because then you can make rational decisions and your parents can't say no if you are on your own. Oh well, just my opinion and I will not fell guilty if something happened to Roo. I feel real sorry for this glider.

: :
: : Listen guys... don't talk to JessRoo about that. she's had roo for a long time. I think it will be a year in january. By the way she talks you can tell she takes care of her glider and it's NOT a burden on her. If jessroo asks a question it's very immature to give her a rude answer. you (Jane) were attacking JessRoo... just answer her question and don't judge her by her idea... if you think her idea is bad tell her what you think she should do. but don't call her irresponsible. It's people like you that make the fights on this board go a long way. This board is for helping glider owners with their gliders. If you keep this up why is anyone going to want to ask a question on this board? They will be scared that people like you and others that attack people will think they are irresponsible. Maybe you should give it a second thought before you answer questions like that. It could only turn into god knows what.

: I couldn't agree with you more. You guys have totally missed the purpose of this posting board. Your high and mighty sugar glider god attitude is not only old but more than a little ridiculous. I also want to applaud Julie for beig brave enough to post your name along with your follow-up. I guess the other people who replied were to bothered by their own immature statments to post their name.
: Melissa's Onyx

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