Subject: Biting
Posted by Missie on October 10, 1997 at 13:48:09:

Hi all,
I am a breeder in Washington state. And Have done LOTSA LOTSA research on theese little friends of ours. In my study I learned that gliders associate "scents" with thier colony. That is the trouble with newcommers, be it another glider or a human...So I thunk and I thunk...What I came up with is this: for all those trying to introduce a new glider to a colony, you need to do some nest box switching. You take the house that the new commer is in and put your gliders in it. You take the house that your colony is in and put the new commer in it. Then you take a house without glider smell on it and put it in the cage. Place all the gliders in the cage, and they will all stink like eachother.
For people that have biting gliders. I tame wild caughts in two do I do it? Easy...I take a teeshirt of mine that I have first washed in pure water, no bleach, no soap, no fabric softner. I wear the shirt for a couple days..No perfume folks!!! unless you want your glider to become bonded to polo or steatson. I use the teeshirt as bedding in the house. When I take the animal out of the house, I wrap it in the teeshrit, so I do not get bit. I do this during the day time, when they will be sleepy, and mellow. I talk to the animal, and feed all my protiens nut, and buggs. Also, I always make the same sound when I feed...My sound is a ticking noise, very soft. After watching mothers with their babies, I have noticed that when they feed their littens, they click. So I immitate the noise. Why do I do this? So that the animal in the future know that anytime I make that sound they are going to get something yummy and they come right then and there. My email address is contact me if you need help.

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