Subject: Re: introducing new gliders
Posted by George K. on October 13, 1997 at 11:34:26:

In Reply to: introducing new gliders posted by Thresa on October 10, 1997 at 22:45:41:

: Thanks, G.Koller for your response to my question. Since I

: wrote that message, I've figured out that I need to go ahead

: and separate the couples until I can "properly" introduce

: them and they act like they can tollerate eachother's

: company. These guys sure take alot of time and patience,

: I love them. The newly introduced female is very dominate

: and wants control of the whole cage. My original male has

: the same temperment therefor they constantly display their

: "bigger than you" attitude. My cage was originally used as

: an indoor aviary, 4x4x2, my gliders really seem to like it.

: I really would like to put them all together, but I know now

: that it can't happen over night. Do you have any suggestions

: regarding encouraging them to mate?

: Thanks again!

: Thresa

Hi Thresa!

I don't have suggestions on mating them, I haven't reached

that stage yet. I'm hoping to read from the bulletin boards

and learn a lot about that stage before our little ones

reach puberty.

I've found that the female glider -- at least ours -- is much

more touchy and gets irritated much more often. But, I guess

I shouldn't complain, she is taking food out of our hands

and crawling into the pouch, willingly.

These little creatures are sure a lot like humans! It's

interesting to see the different "character" in each one.

Our little male glider, "Teeko", loves to climb around, running

frantically all around the cage, our little female, "Bandi",

stays on the floor of the cage most of the time, running around

in the ferret wheel to get her exercise. I'm just glad the

two of them get along so well.

Happy glidering!

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