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Posted by Ariana on April 06, 1998 at 12:36:21:

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: : Glider Gulch is a great place to get your leash at. That is where I got mine from (aswell as my glider). She has got other things there aswell.
: : It actually is under LINKS off thi site. I don't really use mine to keep him in place but he sure as heck loves to play with it! :)

: What are their leashes like? The picture they had was clearly just a picture of a glider and then a drawn-on red leash using paintbrush or similar program... What are they made of? Do they prevent the leash from getting tight on the glider if it tries getting away or could it possibly hurt it?

That is what the picture looks like but it isn't like that. It is more of a small animal leash/ same for hamsters and lizards. The leash I go doesn't choke him or anything of the sort when he pulls on it. What there made of.....well I'll have to check, but my glider chews and plays with it all the time and he is perfectly fine. Actually now if I hide his leash he'll go and find it and carry it with him around the living room! :)
Good luck and Happy Glidering!

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