Subject: Re: help!!!!!
Posted by keith on October 13, 1997 at 13:12:20:

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: : : I just bought a sugar glider and it's a female. The first
: : : night I had her she played with me and nibbled very little.
: : : She loved to play on my shoulder and run around. Now, she
: : : bites me and barks at me whenever I open her cage. Should
: : : I cool off of her for awhile or keep at her,nonforcefully?

: : Leave her alone for awhile. I have the same problem with my
: : little baby female glider. She started off alright, but now
: : she is very timid and frightened when we are around. Give her
: : some time without being bothered by you. After two or three
: : days, gently offer her a favorite food from your hand. In time,
: : she will understand that you are not the enemy and she will
: : warm up to you.

: In the morning, offer her a treat like a peanut, pinenut,
: walnut or almond (raw, unsalted). After she takes it, she will
: become very mellow and at this time put her in a sock or some
: kind of pocket, pet her as she's eating her treat.
: As she finishes, close the "pocket" securely.
: Give ger another "goody" as you're closing it.
: She'll wiggle and fuss around alot
: and you might even feel cruel, but sit still and hold her
: inside the pocket, talk gently to her, snuggle and pet her.
: She may even try to bite you through it, but don't get mad,
: just speak gently and pet her lovingly anyway.
: Eventually she will settle down and begin to take a "bath".
: Then she will fall asleep for the day, naturally.
: Now you have introduced her to your touch, your voice,
: your scent. You have let her know you are the source of the
: "good stuff" and won't hurt her, she will eventually love the
: "pocket" and find it the safest place in her little world.
: Mine love to be in the pocket, when one is scared and running,
: I encourage it into a pocket and they go happily.
: I carry a pocket with my "Precious" pinned onto my clothing.
: Sometimes I put one in my pocket and take it with me where
: ever I go. They're tame enough that I don't have to worry
: about her trying to run away from me.
I agree with the other people.But every time you hold her where a non-scented tick glove and let her bite it as much as she wants.But be patient.She'll eventually get used to you.I do this with my male sugarglider.

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