Subject: Oh Kady, That is soo sad. Let us know what you find out. n/m
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: If I wanted both gliders I would get them nut if I only wwanted one I would get one it is up to you. When introducing them though I do not saying that the glider has anything keep them quarintined in another room for at least 2 weeks away from your other gliders. I had a rescue pair and had purchased a pair and had another pair for a lady for her son and didn't quarintine them from eachother but had 2 other gliders in a differet room. I lost 6 gliders within a 24- 28 hrs length of time witch I am having neucropsy done on. Any way if she or they seem fine within the 2 weeks start introducing them. Have fun best of luck!

: Kady

: : : I have 1 female glider who is a little over a year old. Her brother (from birth) died around 6 months ago because he got pneumonia (when he was still with the mother) and his lungs never developed right. After a half a year and TONS of heartache over his untimely death I am ready to get another glider, so my little girl can have a new friend. A friend I know just had 2 little girls and thats what I wanted was a girl. They will be ready to go home in about another 3 weeks or so. My main question is that I would really like to get both girls but will they only bond to each other and leave my other girl out of things? Would it be better to take one home and get her use to everything and pick the other one up in another week or so. Or should I just get one? Your options mean alot to me so please respond and thank you SO much for taking the time to read my post.

: : : Thanks 4 any help,
: : : Kristin

: : If you want both girls then get them both. They will eventually bond to her and to you as well, and they can take comfort with each other as they adjust to their new home. In the wild these animals live in colonies of 12 to 15 animals and they all bond so you don't have to worry about a glider bonding to only one person or only one glider. One bond may be stronger than another but they are capable of bonding with many.

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