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: Here is what Maryland says about the legalities of owning or possesing sugar gliders in Maryland. On top of this info you also must be USDA licensed in order to sell, or even give away a sugar glider.. At the bottom is a link check it out it has the urls to contact each state regarding the legalities as well as actual emails I have recieved from some states. It also has the USDA care page to contact an agent in your area.

: As you stated in your email, as of July, 1998, sugar gliders are
: legal to be possessed in Maryland without a permit. Certain counties
: may place restrictions on sugar gliders, so you should check with
: your local animal control facility before obtaining one.
: Also, a permit would be required from the U.S. Department of
: Agriculture in order to sell sugar gliders in Maryland.

: Sincerely,
: Mary Jo Scanlan
: Permits Coordinator
: Wildlife & Heritage Division Good Luck !!

Just thought you might want to know, After purchasing 2 gliders in Pa, we began to worry about legality in WV (a little late l0l). anyway, after much e-mailing back and forth with the powers that be in WV and explaining to them, and leading them to web sites about the little ones, we found out that gliders are legal to have here. They told us that they discourage "outside" animals, but have no laws restricting or banning them. so anyone in WV who has gliders can rest easy. I know we did. I would have died if they had taken my little girls away.

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