Subject: Curious
Posted by melissa on October 26, 1997 at 04:11:52:

I bought a male glider a year ago and spent at least 2 hrs.
every late night playing with him. This summer, I thought
it would be healthier for the both of us if I bought
another glider for company. However, I did not want to end
up with a breeding pair, esp. without a license. So after
several calls, I was discouraged to buy another male (I was
told me two males may kill one another). Therefore, a
female was my only choice. I have called every vet in town
trying to get my male nuetered, and no one performs them.
Now I am faced with several questions, please help if you
can. Do you know any information on nuetering gliders, is
it harmful, has it been done, etc? How many babies per
year do gliders produce? Should female gliders be placed
on special diets while prenant? At what age can the babies
be handled by humans? What age is best to give babies
away? Any information would be greatly appriciated.

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