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Posted by: Brittney Jones,
Subject: need info on raising joeys
When: 12:57 PM, 18 Dec 2000

A few weeks ago I posted about a friend of mine and how he was keeping his gliders. At the time I offered to adopt them into my family, but he said no. Since then their condition has improved greatly. Their fur looks great, they are eating quite a bit more, thier bowel movements are more regular and the diarrhea has improved. Overall a drastic improvement.
Well, he moved out of my boyfriend's apartment a week ago so I haven't been able to monitor their progress any longer. Last night he asked me if I would adopt them. It seems that they have been barking every night and his new roommates are annoyed. My boyfriend and I have both told him that they need to be played with and let out of their cage at night. He is scared to let them out (even though he told me he would in his new place because it would be glider proofed). While he was living here, I played with them as much as possible, but now I can't.

Of course I told him that I would adopt them. I would be scared to let him sell/give them to someone else. He would not be a good judge of whether or not they could take care of these poor babies. The female is pregnant. According to him his vet told him she was pregnant on Oct 12 so she should be due any time now. The last time I saw her the joeys were completely in the pouch and the lumps didn't look large enough for them to be due soon (of course I could be wrong sinceI don't have any experience with joeys). But you could definitely tell she was pregnant. By the way, he said that she has had babies beore, so she is not a first time mother.

I need advice on how to raise a joey because this will be my first. Does anyone have any packets that they could fax me, or know of any good web sites? Also, the gldiers are not very tame. You can pick them up, but you have to be very careful not to get bitten. He hasn't spent very much time with them, so they are not bonded. Does anyone have any tips for how to play with the joey(s) if the parents are not tame?

I would really appreciate any help that I can get. I will keep you all posted on how everything goes with the adoption and I'll let you know the minute the babies come OOP.

Kayla and Lily
Sydney (his railroad leaves Fl on 1/1/01)
Not yet named (rescue glider in NY)
My two new adoptees

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Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 1:54 PM, 18 Dec 2000

The first thing you will want to do when you get them is leave them alone for about a week to get used to their new surrounds/smells/sounds. Talk to them in a very soft voice so you don't startle them ... especially the female.
After about a week, try offering them licky treats INSIDE THE CAGE ONLY. Do not attempt to take them out to play. If they let you hold them inside the cage then that would be great.
As far as raising the joeys, the parents will take care of everything. Just make sure they are disturbed as little as possible to lessen the possibility of rejection.
Watch for any signs that the parents are rejecting them ... if this should happen contact one of us by e-mail or join the chat room. There is always someone there who can help.
Good luck with your new family and definitely keep us posted.

Posted by: Barb,
Subject: none
When: 12:26 PM, 19 Dec 2000

The first thing you must do is to go and get and read Caroline MacPherson's book SUGAR GLIDERS (the publisher is Barrons). Most gliders are good parents and need no help in caring for their joeys....The only time you would need to be involved is if the joeys are rejected. Especially with joeys in pouch, you need to give the gliders adequate time to adapt to their new environment. Please make sure they are getting an aqequate diet. I always make sure F's with joeys in pouch get extra protein and Calcium...I usually leave a little more than normal boiled egg WITH SHELL for her. Good luck. (She'll love you if you give her mealies, and I usually leave monkey biscuit - dry - in the cage for a snack...It doesn't last long with mine - they devour it. The best to you!