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Posted by: Traci,
Subject: Another Dumb question from Me
When: 6:27 PM, 18 Dec 2000

Thank you all for your much appreciated tips, the honey worked great, but I will limit the amounts.
Another trip to the grocery store for yogurt and fruit medley dessert! Here is my stupid question, I have been reading alot, Bourbons page and others, and all the info is wonderful, however, all of the diets say in the evening feed them..., but in the evening, Sydney (our glider) is still sleeping in her pouch, do I wake her up? We have been taking her out, in her pouch from 4:00pm to about 6:00
pm. for bonding - licking fingers (and still biting, but not as much), just staying close to us, (I carry
her pouch in between two shirts), is this the time to do her feeding? The pet store said to leave the
food in her cage so that is what I have been doing, but none of the reading seems to mention this.
Obviously you can't leave perishable stuff out but should we leave the rest? I hate to bother you
guys, but we have rapidly fallen for our new friend and want to do what is best for her. Also, should
we be feeding supplements? Pedialite (sp.) in her water? There is so much to learn, we researched
before we brought her home, didn't research enough though to feel we are offering her the best
home yet...Thanks again!

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Posted by: emily
Subject: none
When: 7:34 PM, 18 Dec 2000

ok, i am also a new owner, but i learned that if you feed leadbeaters diet with the repcal in it, it should be enough in the nutrients way, just put in fruits and veggies and mealworms occasionally, and that should be good, i feed mine plain water, but if you want to, theres this stuff called gliderade that is good. most gliders dont wakeup till around 11pm, so i put my food in and play with her then, the food should stay good untill the next morning, then i clean up the bowls. also, getcaroline mcpherson's book on sugar gliders, its great.

Posted by: Kimi,
Subject: none
When: 12:28 AM, 19 Dec 2000

The pedialite is mostly for if they get dehydrated, The leadbeaters and diet that go with it have the nutritional needs met. Mine get up around 10 pm and thats when I feed them. They usually eat then go back down for a nap and around 1 am is their playtime. my work schedule varies so the only nights its rough on me is when I have to be at work at 8 am. I leave their food out till I go to sleep 3:30-4:00. Keep reading and yer not bothering anyone! smile Kimi

Posted by: Rocki'sMom,
Subject: none
When: 7:07 AM, 19 Dec 2000

Mine start to get up around 7pm, I usually feed sometime between then and 8pm. I put in the Bourbons leadbeaters and veggies or fruits at that time and I leave the dishes in til morning. I take the dishes out everymorning around 7am. I keep a dry food in the cage at all times for daytime snacking...Mazuri New World Primate. Usually my guys will eat some first then we have out of the cage play time. That is usually when we do some snacking, a couple of mealies each or a couple of crickets each.

My suggestion on the bonding time would be for you to carry the glider in a pouch while it is sleeping, don't try to wake the glider to would bite too if someone woke you up in the middle of your nite to play. hehe I carry mine during the day without disturbing them, letting them get used to my scent. Then when they wake up on their own is when I do licky treats etc. Best of luck to you and just FYI...the ONLY STUPID QUESTIONS ARE THOSE THAT GO UNASKED. wink wink wink

Posted by: Barb,
Subject: none
When: 8:17 AM, 20 Dec 2000

Rocki's mom is right: The only dumb question is the one that is not asked. I do as she does for the bonding, but I admit to being kind of naughty (and I sometimes tho not often get bitten for it) because I'll wake joeys up to show them off when I am out. They get used to it but the older they get, the less tolerant they are; they become more demanding - wanting to do what they want to do like gliding off to another person to visit and get acquainted.