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Posted by: Ivy,
Subject: Wired Glider
When: 5:19 PM, 19 Dec 2000

I just adopted a 3 year old glider and he seems to be very tame. I can't hold him yet but he lets me pet him.He has been used for breeding but has never had a companion longer then that. Should I get him a companion and if I do whats better female or another male? He wakes up at like 4pm and stays awake till atleast 9am when I leave for work. I stayed up with him the whole night and he doesnt go back into his sleep sack for nothing! From what I have seen posted so far I don't think thats normal. Could it be stress? I wasn't playing with him or anything. He was in his original cage with all his own things. He ate just fine. But his cage is so small I don't understand how he could stay wide awake with nothing to play with other then a wheel. Any suggestions? Also does anyone know of a great book about sugar gliders? P.S I know the cage is to small for him by far so I am having a 4 foot tall one made for him. Sorry so long =)

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Posted by: Traci,
Subject: Book
When: 5:48 PM, 19 Dec 2000

Haven't read it yet,but everyone suggest Carolyn Macphersons Book.