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Posted by: Rebelchikk
Subject: bird seeds
When: 5:35 PM, 20 Dec 2000

i saw at the petstore these things, kinda hard to explain em, but they are like sticks of seeds and held together with honey...Is that ok to give gliders? I was just sorta wondering..

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Posted by: Tessa,
Subject: none
When: 9:44 PM, 21 Dec 2000

Yes, it's okay for a treat but don't leave it in the cage all the time. Save it and put it in a baggie and give it to them once a week. The reason being is that it has sunflower seeds and nuts that are high in fat. I give them to my gliders once in a while but like I said, they don't have it in their cage all the time. It also depends if you want to waste your money on it since there are a bunch of small seeds that the gliders won't eat. To me it's not a problem since I have a pet mouse that I give the leftover to. wink raspberry