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Posted by: Chester
Subject: Good diet?
When: 11:37 PM, 21 Dec 2000

I need a good diet for my sugarglider. I want it to be relatively simple. Right now I use fruits and then protein. I looked at the leadbeater recipe but that looked REAL hard, to find all that stuff and then make it. Help!

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Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: Gulp!
When: 8:20 AM, 22 Dec 2000

Don't panic!! You can do this!

Step One: Grocery Store.
Buy the baby food (it'll be there!). Since you're on that aisle, pick up a small jar of pureed baby fruit (any flavor) for licky treats (no added sugar). The baby cereal is on that same aisle. I got the Gerber mixed kind.
Get the eggs. I hard boil a couple for 10 minutes, then I get to eat one and one goes in the mix. When you put theirs in the blender, put the shell in too.
Grab a large jar of honey, either by the peanut butter or the pancake syrup.
The wheat germ should be untoasted I think. I found this in the breakfast foods/cereal aisle. It can also be in the health food section.
Apple juice. Like Bourbon says, just plain old apple juice.

Step two: The pet store
Look for RepCal and Herptivite. Ask for those brands cause if they have it there you are. But if they don't, a non-phosphorus calcium and Vit D3 supplement is what you're looking for. Have them order the herptivite and skip it for this batch if they don't have it. Substituting another vitamin supplement could be dangerous due to excess Vit A.

Step three: The blender.
Go to Penneys or Sears, etc. I didn't have one but you really can't make this stuff without it.

Step four: The mad scientist.
Cook your eggs. Read the recipe a couple of times and put the ingredients in groups on your counter in the order you'll use them. Cool the eggs under cold water for easier handling. Then dump and blend, dump and blend!! Laugh wickedly.

Step five: Storage
Pour the contents of the blender into either a couple of ice cube trays or a tupperware container. It is a liquid which the gliders lick up from a dish. Put it in the freezer and you can spoon it out like ice cream each night.

Step six: Suppertime
I don't warm it up, but some in colder climates might. Be sure to check the temp before feeding because it can get napalm-hot in the microwave due to the honey!! Start out with 10 seconds on low-med power. I find mine won't touch it if I add anything else to it. That is apparently not true of other gliders as I have read adding applesauce, veggies, etc works for others. Mine love it as a licky treat while in pouch. They won't eat much of it if I feed them bugs at night, so I have to save that "dessert" for morning.

Did I leave anything out? Ha ha!

Posted by: CJ
Subject: none
When: 8:58 AM, 22 Dec 2000

Or you can start feeding your gliders Briskys. My gliders have been eating this stuff for over two years and my vet says they are as healthy as can be.

<a href=></a>

I took a few days for them to eat it but they are now hooked on it. They will now eat briskys first over some fruits and veggies. You can't get a more simple diet than their Accu-feed.