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Posted by: chilly,
Subject: Olivia won't get up @ night
When: 5:54 AM, 22 Dec 2000

I've had my SG (Olivia) for 2 weeks and everything is going well except for one thing , her sleep schedule is all messed up she sleeps from about 12:00 am till about 4:00 pm and this conflicts with my schedule so I'm not able to spend the proper amount of time with her . I have plenty of time at night from 12:00 to 3:00 am easily to spend with her but when I've tried to get her up to play she refuses . How do I go about changing her sleeping habits ? and what is a normal schedule ? also I have the window in her room covered so the light wouldnt hurt her eyes should I uncover the window ? so she can figure it out on her own ? thanks in advance for your help

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Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: none
When: 7:24 AM, 22 Dec 2000

I think opening the windows during the day is an excellent idea, as it will be the most natural solution. Since it is forcing her into the pattern she would take in the wild it shouldn't be as stressful as trying to do it the other way around.

Also, since you are available at midnight, which coincides to her "bedtime" you might be able to entice her out by feeding her her bugs at that time. Mine stay up in the morning until I come and feed them their bugs and they play for an hour before I go to work and they go to bed. They get so excited about their crickets it keeps them up for me.

But really what will make the most difference is the natural light changes probably. Also don't forget that spending time with her when she is sleepy provides excellent bonding opportunities. Good luck and happy gliding!

Posted by: chilly
Subject: thanks Debbie
When: 5:00 AM, 26 Dec 2000

Thanks Debbie wonderful advise , the situation is improving daily..... thanks again for your reply smile