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Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: Once upon a Christmastime...
When: 10:04 AM, 22 Dec 2000

I saw a running story a few months ago. People seemed to enjoy it. I thought it might be fun to start a new one:

It was Christmas Eve Day. Lil Elph was comfy and cozy in his sleeping pouch, satisfied with a job well done. All was ready for the big night. His cage was decorated festively, and his presents were secretly stored. He let out a soft bark as he thought over all his Christmas shopping adventures...

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Posted by: possum007,
Subject: continued...
When: 3:12 PM, 22 Dec 2000

And all those adventures were because of Lil Elphs red nose smile Just a few days ago he was riding in Debbie's bra while she was christmas shopping, and then when Debbie passed by Santa's booth in the mall, his nose started to flash!

Debbie's flashing red boobies must have look really frightening to everyone in the mall, because when they started barking and flashing, everyone started running!!

And Debbie knowing the security guards would be after her, she made a mad dash for the exit. That nose of Lil Elph's is always getting him in trouble, like that time...

Posted by: Skyler, Lil Fitz28
Subject: none
When: 3:38 PM, 22 Dec 2000

When Debbie arived back home... she rushed to the phone to call the vet. She thought that Lil Elph had a bad cold or something. The vet told her to bring Lil Elph for her/him to check out.
"I have never seen something like this before!...And whats that??? I think He has two lumps on his head. He looks as if he is gonna grow HORNS!"
Debbie and the vet both looked at eachother, faces white with shock. "You dont think....NAAA" They both said. But after debbie got home she noticed the lumps on his head we growing! She later found out that she and the vet were right!

Posted by: Eva,
Subject: merry christmas everyone!
When: 4:45 PM, 22 Dec 2000

her lil Elph was slowely transforming into a gli-deer!
what should she do? were should she go? thought Debbie. as she looked for the phone number for the National Inquire. (mean-while Elph was looking in the mirror, hopeing what his mommy was saying wasen't true.) I mean what would his girl friend think if he grew horns? he didn't want to be a gli-deer!

Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: Lil Elph the Gli-deer
When: 11:51 AM, 23 Dec 2000

He ran to the bookshelves and started to climb as high as he could.... but he couldn't climb! His toes were all stuck together. Ouch! Antlers sprung from his head. He pawed the ground with his gli-hooves. "Bark! MOMMY!!" He tried to run to her and before he knew it he was airborne! "Hey, this is pretty cool! Gliding is one thing but FLYING is fantastic!" he thought. WHOA - CRASH! He'd flown straight into the cage... His little red nose was stuck in the bars. Elph felt sick and dizzy...Everything was going black...

Posted by: Tessa,
Subject: none
When: 10:30 PM, 23 Dec 2000

Debbie turned to the crash noise and ran over to catch poor Lil Elph just in time to keep him from hitting the floor. Then there was a knock on her front door. "Who could this be?" she thought, as she opened the door and to her surprise, it was Santa. Just then Lil Elph woke up in a daze and...

Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: The End.
When: 12:38 PM, 29 Dec 2000

looked out the window. There was his girlfriend, Angel, turned gli-deer too! She was already hooked up to the sleigh. "Bark! Bark! Bark!" She cried. Lil Elph knew that meant "C'mon and have some fun!" Before Debbie could say anything he scooted out the door while Santa was placing packages under the tree. (Debbie just stood there with her mouth hanging open.)

Lil Elph had the time of his life that night.

Debbie woke up with a horrendous hangover!!

Ho Ho Ho THE END! wink

Thank you very much for playing my little game during your busy holiday everybody. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Have a very special happy New Year filled with love!! smile

Love, Debbie, Dobby, and Winky (and the rest of our family)