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Posted by: Johnny
Subject: Crickets/Mealworms...
When: 2:11 PM, 22 Dec 2000

How many crickets/mealworms should I give my SG a night/day?

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Posted by: Shannon,
Subject: none
When: 7:40 AM, 23 Dec 2000

I give my glider a cricket or a mealworm twice a week, but I only give mealies as a treat because they are more fatty.

Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: going buggy
When: 12:02 PM, 23 Dec 2000

I feed bugs every morning. For the nonpregnant state 2-3 of one or the other should be sufficient. Prior to pregnancy, I alternated days between mealies and crickets. Feeding these in the morning helps them to have an appetite for their leadbeaters in the evening.