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Posted by: Brittney Jones,
Subject: twins born today!
When: 7:35 PM, 22 Dec 2000

As some of you know, I adopted a glider pair three days ago from a friend that was "trying to get rid of them." They are not tame, but will occassionally tolerate being held. Well, the female was pregnant and two joeys came OOP this morning. When I checked their nesting box this morning I saw one of them hidden under her. It wasn't until this afternoon that I was able to get a better look under her and realized that there were two joeys! Yeah! Rusty and I are both so excited to be grandparents. she is very protective of her babies, but we are going to do our best to play with them as much as poosible. These are my first joeys, so I am new at this grandma thing, but I already love it. Before they were born we had both assumed that when they were old enough we would find them both good homes. After seeing their tiny little gray faces all snuggled up to her pouch, I don't know if I'll be able to part with them I am in love
I read somewhere that I shouldn't try to hold them for another day or two. Is this corect? I have Caroline MacPherson's book (bought it in '97 when it first came out) so I have a pretty good idea about what I should do. I know that some of her info is a bit outdated, so does anyone have any suggestions? They are both completely furred and seem to be nursing fine. This is not her first time, so I am not as worried about rejection. We are trying to keep the stress level as low as possible just in case though. They seem to be handling the move fine, even though they have only been in their new cage for three nights. I have increased her calcium and protein and I always try to put an excess of food in their cage in case she needs more while she is nursing.

I just found out that he may not have been adding Repcal to thier leadbeaters. He gave me a vitamin supplement, but ot repcal. I have alreaduy increased their calcium intake. Is there anything else I need to do to make sure the joeys are both healthy. I am going to call Monday to make an appointment with my vet to have them both checked just in case. I am not taking any chances with these two little dears.

Also, the nails of both the male and the female are incredibly thick and long. They get caught on everything that they touch, including the cage bars. I'm really worried that they night accidentally cut one of the joeys. We had planned to take them in to get them trimmed, but I was trying to let them settle in and find out if it would be too stressful on her and the babies since she was so close to having them. I put some fine sandpaper under their food bowls tonight, and I will monitor their nails to see how that works. Any suggestions on how else to trim them without puting too much stress on her?

Sorry for such a long post, I am just so excited and I want to make sure that I do everything right.

Kayla and Lily
Arnold, Katie, and their two new joeys
Sydney (coming soon)

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When: 8:57 PM, 22 Dec 2000

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