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Posted by: Bud
Subject: Crusty head?
When: 12:13 AM, 24 Dec 2000

I have a male sugarglider, and where his bald spot is, well it's rather crusty. Why is that? At first it was just a little and I figured he wasn't doing a lot of that lately, but now it is crusty in these big clumps. Anybody know why? Should I be seriously worried? I might take him to the vet just for a regular check up soon, but should I take him sooner? Thanks everyone.

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Posted by: Bonzai
Subject: Bald spot
When: 8:43 AM, 24 Dec 2000

Bonzai's bald spot does that also, and when I took him to the vet and asked her, she wasn't really worried. It might be from him rubbing (marking scent) on his cage, or on something rough that's aggravating the spot. My vet just told me to watch what he rubs on, and watch the spot for any signs of infection. Hope it helps, but please know I am not an expert on gliders, I am a newbie myself, this is just what my vet said. smile
Bonzai :o
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