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Posted by: Chunker
Subject: Question concering males...
When: 11:34 PM, 28 Dec 2000

When you neuter them, other then the obvious difference, what other differences are there? Do they act any different? Like, tamer and so on and so fourth. Mark less? That's all.

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Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: I think so, "Chunker"
When: 11:49 PM, 28 Dec 2000

At least I hope so. Mine was neutered not quite a month ago, so far no behavior differences, but I've heard it takes two months for the hormones to settle down. My male is a little more aggressive than I'd like currently. Also, if they have a bald spot when neutered (mine didn't), it will disappear.

Posted by: Mary/Beck,
Subject: none
When: 12:35 PM, 29 Dec 2000

Some timesyou see no changes at all...and some times you get a calmer it just depends..I have yet to hear of any bad changes.