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Posted by: Jim,
Subject: Have rules changed in PA (laws
When: 12:21 AM, 29 Dec 2000

Hello all,
I was wandering if any laws, rules or regulations have changed as far as the breeding and so forth..I know that there was talk that they were going to allow a person to have up to three breeding females without license, but I do not know if that has changed.....Please let me know anything that you do....Thanks

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Posted by: none
Subject: none
When: 9:59 AM, 29 Dec 2000

You need to check with the USDA locally. They are governed by the federal government and should be able to answer any questions you would have.

Posted by: Mary/Beck,
Subject: none
When: 12:23 PM, 29 Dec 2000

The federal law says you must have a liscence for any breedeing pair...this is not a state law..bit they could not have changed that.

Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: Pa regulations revisited.
When: 10:13 PM, 31 Dec 2000

As far as I know you are allowed any # of gliders (breeding or not) as long as you do not sell any of the offspring or place them outside of your home in any way.
As for Pa laws changing, that isnt happening. Pa. is very strict on their laws governing wildlife under any circumstances.

Federal Regulations cannot be contradicted by any state regulations. They may be enhanced and/or defined but never contradicted.

ie - It simply cannot be legal to commit murder in Pa. therefore it cannot be legal to sell or offer wildlife without the proper licensing in Pa either. smile

Sorry everyone, but thats the way it works...