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Posted by: Robin,
Subject: Eating
When: 7:22 AM, 30 Dec 2000

I have heard that the moon can affect the gliders' appetites, and am wondering if anyone else has seen a change in the past few days? Kiki has decided to go on a food ban and won't even eat corn or mealies, her two fave things. The only thing I can even get her to try is yogurt! And water, which is at least keeping her hydrated.

Just curious...Thanks! wink

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Posted by: Rachel2,
Subject: none
When: 10:55 AM, 30 Dec 2000

I have had that problem but I don't really think it has anything to do with the moon. What I have found is that if I feed my gliders the same thing for several nights in a row, they start going on food strikes. When I had my wisdom teeth out I was just giving them mixed veges and leadbeaters, because I felt like crap. They got sick of that! The last night I fed that in a row. All three pairs refused to eat the veges. The next night I gave them a mini feast of foods they don't get all the time like cottage cheese and some turkey breast and some tangerine and then the leadbeaters. All three bowls were empty the next morning. Variety is the key. It keeps them from getting bored with their food.

Posted by: Barb,
Subject: none
When: 11:07 AM, 30 Dec 2000

Mine will periodically go on a "fast" and eat practically nothing for a day or so at a time. It seems like every cage does it at about the same time. And yes, they will go on "strike" if they don't get variety....they will ignore their favorites if they get tired of them. (We wouldn't eat ice cream day in and out, day after day for very long either.) Don't worry: Just remember variety is the spice of life.

Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: LOL
When: 11:16 AM, 30 Dec 2000

Speak for yourself! Yum...hahaha smile