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Posted by: Kim
Subject: Coincidence...
When: 5:03 PM, 30 Dec 2000

I was messing with new backgrounds for my glider page and accidentally came up with something. Look at my gliders eyes and the tops of the bubbles in my logo. It lines up with all 3 eyes! Imagine that?? It looks like they have more to their eyes..
Heres the pic of it(screen capture).
<a href=></a>

I thought that was pretty amazing and just wanted to share.

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Posted by: Tessa,
Subject: Eyes and Bubbles
When: 5:46 PM, 30 Dec 2000

That is pretty amazing and your gliders are adorable too! wink

Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: Bizarre!
When: 11:07 PM, 30 Dec 2000

Uh...It makes your gliders look like frogs...LOL! They are really cute though wink