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Posted by: ashley,
Subject: What'll it be?
When: 7:07 PM, 30 Dec 2000

I need some educating in the glider diet area. What can I feed my little Ozzie? I feed him tomatos, lettuce, apple,oranges,grapes, and dried fruit, I also feed my Ozzie dry cereal, are these things okay for him? What about nuts?
I would some replys to help me out,thanks!

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Posted by: Angela,
Subject: BML
When: 7:45 PM, 30 Dec 2000

go here -

<a href=></a>

this is bourbons modified leadbeaters diet. i dont have a sg yet, but this is the diet i am going to use. it tells you everything to feed. its really helpful with all the confusing things people tell you to feed. Shes researched this diet really well. & she stresses no additions, deletions or substitution of anything, but talk to her if you have a question bout it. smile & ive heard nuts are high in fat, or atleast peanuts. Good Luck. -Angela

Posted by: dagny
Subject: none
When: 8:16 PM, 30 Dec 2000

although nuts are high in fat they make a good treat, as they also have nutrition. just make sure you dont give them too much. i would definitally give ihm vegtables with those fruits and leadbeaters. skip the dry fruits because they get stuck in the teeth (because of their sticky texture) and cause cavities...this is a problem that is very hard to treat so preventing it is the best way. god luck smile

Posted by: Tessa,
Subject: Proper Care and Maintenance!
When: 11:17 PM, 30 Dec 2000

Owning a glider is a lot of responsibility and time. It is usually recommended to research gliders for at least 6 months before even owning one. Since it sounds at least like you already own one, you really need to do some research on them and fast because if you don't maintain a healthy diet, or have a glider knowlegable vet, or have 1 to 2 hours a day to play with him in the evening, then they can DIE! Don't mean to sound harsh about this. It's just that I'm sick of people who buy a glider without realizing the major needs of one and basically mistreat it just from lack of knowledge about these beautiful little ones. Not saying that this is what you're going to be doing. I'm just saying I hope you realize how important it is for their proper care.

So anyway, go to the Links portion (shown on top of the page) and go to the first link that's posted as Bourbon info page and it'll tell you most of what you need to know about the care for sugargliders. And do follow Angela's advice and make the Bourbon's Modified Leadbeater's diet for Ozzie and put fruit and veggies on the side and feed him a couple of mealworms or large crickets each day (feed the insects in the morning and the Diet at night). If you truly care for Ozzie, you'll not take offense to this but follow this advice and do try to read up on everything possible on Bourbon's web page info. It tells just about the most info you could ever get anywhere. Thanks and Good Luck and please do take good care of him. Let us know if there's anything you do not understand on the info you study.

And Angela, looks like you're doing your homework before getting a glider. Good job!

Posted by: Tessa,
Subject: PS. on Diet
When: 11:24 PM, 30 Dec 2000

PS. Sorry, forgot something...not like I haven't said enough already, but don't feed him lettuce. It has no nutritional value and can cause diarhea and what kind of cereal is it that you're feeding him? Also, be careful of the dried fruit as some may be loaded with sugar if it's prepackaged. This could cause premature tooth decay as well as a glider can't tolerate pure sugar for it's digestive system. I heard it can cause a hypoglycemic reaction though I can be wrong about that one but never the less, be careful of anything that has too much sugar content. It's okay to have it mixed in food but don't give it too them directly such as syrup or honey straight (not good for their stomachs). Thanks again. wink raspberry

Posted by: Barb,
Subject: none
When: 11:43 PM, 30 Dec 2000

You need to get and read Caroline MacPherson's book SUGAR GLIDERS (publisher Barrons). Do not feed you glider dried fruit because all the chemical additives are very bad for you glider - only fresh or frozen with no additives - sugar, etc. Your glider needs protein - mealworms, crickets, boiled egg with shell, micro'd chicken or turkey - no skin, no fat, no seasoning. It also is extremely mportant to have a good calcium source - nonfat yogurt (preferably fruit juice sweetened ... NO ASPARTAME!!!) and repcal. If your glider is not fed properly it will become very sick and die! RAW peanuts (no salt!) are an occasional treat: Do not give more than one raw peanut/day.....too much fat! Do you see why you need the book I mentioned??