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Posted by: Angela,
Subject: liscense-how? +my 1st sg
When: 7:55 PM, 31 Dec 2000

im asking any breeders what all you have to do to get a liscense, before, during, after, ya know. raspberry im not planning on breeding right now, just researching before hand so i wont be unprepared. Ill probably get 1 girl sugar glider in a few months when im done researching (well enough researching, your never done) from this guy near me that sounds like a really nice breeder. but i have to ask all these questions i got from you guys. Thanks! -Angela

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Posted by: IrishCreme
Subject: Step #1
When: 10:22 PM, 31 Dec 2000

The best and most informative thing to do would be to contact your sector office of the UDSA. Ask them to send you out a packet with information/application for a "Class A License" under the Animal Welfare Act.
This packet will explain the regulations in full and tell you everything you need to do prior to calling to schedule your initial inspection for approval of licensing.

Best of luck.

Posted by: HeyMikey
Subject: none
When: 8:18 AM, 01 Jan 2001

IrishCream is correct.. but be patient the process takes a long time. When I got mine the total process from packet to licsence was almost 9 mo the people at the USDA are very over-worked and very under-staffed frown