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Posted by: Me
Subject: BML
When: 8:09 PM, 01 Jan 2001

Ok how do u make this BML

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Posted by: Debbie,
Subject: Follow the recipe
When: 8:15 PM, 01 Jan 2001

Go to the Links at the top of this page, and the first link is Bourbon's. On her site is the diet. You need a blender. Then make a trip to the grocery store, and also to the pet store. If you have a PetSmart in your area go there; they have the correct supplements.

Also see if they have the book "Sugar Gliders" by Caroline MacPherson; buy it and read it. I thought you said you said you already did your research? Oh well, I had to "cram" too, so you can do it. Just try to do it right as soon as possible, and keep with this group - they'll steer you right!

Happy gliding