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Posted by: SugarBaby,
Subject: Diet question
When: 2:10 AM, 02 Jan 2001

I know that pre packaged dried fruits are unhealthy, But what if you dehydrate your own? No sugare or salts/chems added. Is that ok?

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Posted by: dagny
Subject: none
When: 10:10 AM, 02 Jan 2001

what i have found the problem with any dried fruit is (and i have been told this by the vet i work for) is that the texture with dried fruits is the problem..they get stuck in the teeth (cause they are so dense and gummy) and cause me..if you can avoid this situation you will be much better off..small mammels with cavaties is a nightmare..they dont eat (cause it hurts) and there is very little that can be done. frown