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Posted by: sean
Subject: my eucalypt
When: 4:28 PM, 02 Jan 2001

yer right, i dont post often, and to compound it im away for a few days over the holidays and can't send mail through my usual server cuz of ip address problems...i did get the email =) but i couldnt reply to it.
the info posted re the question about my tree is really good, so i'll only add a few things.
first, i unfortunately dont remember the species of my eucalypt, but i wrote it down and i'll post it when i get home. to describe it, it's a "weeping" tree, the bark ranges from light brown or ivory to blue, and "flakes" (sort of) once a season, in the fall i believe (it's really cool). the leaves are broad, not frosted, full grown are elliptical and about three inches wide by an inch - inch and a half long, and very green, sometimes a little bluish.
i got it from a wholesale nursery for fifty bucks. this is kinda key...if you get it from a commercial nursery, you'll pay several hundred dollars for an 8 to 10 foot eucalypt in healthy condition. if possible, don't get it shipped long distance, get a tree that's been in a stable, healthy environment for a while (moving can be very hard on plants). eucalypts hate to be root bound, the bigger the planter (planter, bucket, whatever, not a pot) the better. you can keep them rootbound but they won't grow up very much, they'll stay somewhat stunted (can be good if you get a big plant that you don't want to trim, and you're keeping it indoors like we are). the main problem is light. they require nearly direct sunlight, and will thrive if they get it. if you put a eucalypt in a room w/o much light, it will wither =P. i have several grow lamps for mine, and it's slowly growing back to its former glory =P. as to safety, most eucalypts are on the safe list, i was told i was buying a "silver dollar tree", which i later learned is a catch-all for many kinds of eucalypts. juno nibbles on the buds now and then, but for the most part leaves it alone; she likes the height and the foliage cover more than anything else, i don't know if the scent, bark or anything else is attractive to her. she doesn't chew on it much. i haven't had to cut her nails yet, and they're not as sharp as they were before i got the tree and let her pretty much live in my room, so that's definately a benefit (ever wonder how wild gliders cut their nails? they don't...). i'll post the name of the eucalypt when i get home and can get to the info.