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Posted by: Eileen,
Subject: Looking Glider(s) in WA or OR
When: 10:55 PM, 07 Oct 2000

I was curious if anyone new of a wonderful breeder in the Washington or Oregon area or if someone needs to find a home for their gliders.
I just moved to Vancouver, closer to my daughter. She owns gliders, and I have fallen in love with them all, so I would like to purchase one of my own.
She has bought her gliders from a breeder who lives in Seattle, and I would like to get an unrealted glider, otherwise I would have purchased one from her as well.
If you know of anyone you can email me at .
Eileen wink
P.S. this is such a wonderful board!!

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Posted by: Skyler, RoxyCLF
Subject: I know a way to find out
When: 11:07 AM, 08 Oct 2000

HI, I live in Oregon and I found my breeder from Ruths GLider page. She has an everlasting reading of breeders that live in the NW and other areas of the U.S. If you'd like to go to this page go the the LINKS on Scroll till' u've found it. Hope I helped
Courtney(me) and Skyler my crazy glider raspberry

Posted by: Eileen,
Subject: Thanks... still looking
When: 2:35 AM, 09 Oct 2000

I have gone to several sites, including Ruths and Glider Central, but have found that most numbers are out dated or they are no longer carring Sugar Gliders. frown
Allot of them recomended that I post here, and hope for word of mouth. So here's hoping!!
Thanks for the information Courtney, I'll just keep plugging along and trying.


Posted by: none, sportsgrl24@yahoo
Subject: none
When: 6:58 PM, 09 Oct 2000

We live in the Seattle area and have a wide variety of gliders young old and medium ages if you are interested contact me at