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Posted by: Jim,
Subject: Cure for ODOR
When: 11:31 PM, 07 Oct 2000

Hello ALL,
Thank you for reading this, this might save alot of people the trouble of odor, and also help some gliders with some who might try to cover the odor with harmful odors....Yes, there is a definate smell with gliders...some might find it offensive others might just find it a bother....Well I have the best stuff in the world and it is all natural and biodegrades when it breaks down...The item is Oxy-clean...All natural not strong powder that you mix with hot water and this stuffs works...O.K> it is not cheap...But it WORKS....I take out all uneaten food in the a.m. and then I spray the oxy clean in the bottom and on the wheels and so on...The odor is TOTALLY neutralized..I have 5 dogs, and 3 cats, and MANY oter animals...My wife and I have tried EVERYTHING, do clean up accidents and so on....THIS stuff works on ALL organic smells and stains....The also make a citrus cleaner that works great once a week when cleaning the cage good...Need more info E-mail me...Jim

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Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 4:34 PM, 08 Oct 2000

Thank you for the information. Eventhough the product is all natural and biodegradeable, you must still be sure that each individual ingredient is not hazardous to your glider.
There are many natural products which are toxic to gliders.
I personally have heard of this, but do not know the specific ingredients. I will try to find out though.
Just be very careful what you use around your glider. As you have other pets, it is obvious you would not want anything to happen to any of them.
As for dogs and cats, they are much more tolerant of these chemicals than gliders.

Posted by: Jim,
Subject: OXY-CLEAN IS SAFE.....
When: 9:13 PM, 08 Oct 2000

Hello anyone who might read this again....Trust me when I say, that Oxy-clean IS safe for all animals, including sugar gliders....Contrary to what Karen E would lead you to believe, I take great pride in all of my animals, and also the upmost care in diet, health, exercise, and cleanliness....When I found this product, it was a life saver.............LITERALLY, and I don't mean just my life, but my animals also...NO more harsh chemicals.....I hope Karen E has learned from pre-judging my knowledge.........

Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: none
When: 9:26 PM, 08 Oct 2000

Whoa there Jim ...
First of all I in no way pre-judged your knowledge. As you stated in your rather criptic e-mail, you are new to the glider world and as we all know, learning about glider related issues is an on-going and daily process. Just when we think something is safe, along comes some research saying it is not ... sort of like the mother's milk scare a few year back ... remember.
If you think I was being patronizing or any such thing you are very mistaken.
I have owned gliders for many years and also have many other pets as well .... which I will list at the end of this so that if anyone doesn't really want all that information they can skip it.
My point was that every tree, plant, flower, etc. is also all natural, but we all know that some are extremely toxic to gliders.
Anyone who posts on this board runs the risk of having someone disagree with them, and someone usually does .... so it is best that we try our best not to wear our feelings on our sleeve.
Now if you're still interested ....
Nipper & Willamena w/5 babies(Degus)
Max & Sam (Long haired hamsters)
Mom & Pepe (short haired hamsters)
Pete (dwarf hamster)
Buffy & Lucky (rescued white mice)
Mr. Jangles (rescued brown mouse)
Fred & Wilma (zebra finches w/3 hatchlings)
E.T. (chinese water dragon)
Pete (Parakeet)
Nixon (rescued rat)
Linus & Lucy w/juevinile Woodstock aka Woodie - MY
I listed them last so maybe you would read the entire list.
Just so you know, I have been posting on this board for quite some time and have never knowingly given advice that was meant to hurt anyone or any glider.

Posted by: KarenE,
Subject: A Bit More Info
When: 11:21 PM, 08 Oct 2000

I work at a private school and all of the animals with the exception of the gliders are at school.
Nixon comes home on the weekends smile
We also have two cats (Molly & Callie), one lab (Runt - didn't intend to keep him, but we did and the name just stuck), one ferret (Bridgette) at our home.
So, as you can see, I too am an animal person. smile wink raspberry smile wink raspberry smile wink raspberry smile

Posted by: Maria,
Subject: none
When: 11:23 PM, 08 Oct 2000

I'm with Karen, I'd like to see more info on this product. I wasn't able to locate much on-line. Could you please post the ingredients here?

Posted by: Rachel2,
Subject: none
When: 12:31 AM, 09 Oct 2000

I used this on my carpets when I rescued a near dead puppy with chronic diarhea. He is now 50 pounds and house broken raspberry. It does work great on carpets. However I never thought to use it on cages. My thought about this is "wouldn't you want to rinse it off?" You said you sprayed it on but you didn't mention rinsing it. I am uncomfortable with that. I think you got just a tad bent out of shape with Karen's post. She has made a valid point. Just because you swear up and down it is safe doesn't mean that it is necessarily true. This doesn't mean that we think you are purposely telling us a lie. It's just that you may be wrong. I for one won't use this on my cages. The way you are pushing this product also leads me to believe that you are a distributor or seller of this product. Just some thoughts.

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: okay....
When: 3:25 AM, 09 Oct 2000

Jim, please understand we are dealing with a little itty bitty thing here, that was designed for cats and dogs, with gliders we don't have all the facts yet, their respitory system alone can't handle some of the aromas and scents that even dogs or cats can. Also in regards to odor control, there are many products on the market that can totally eliminate odors, natures miracle or something like that, but anyway, those sometimes cause more problems than they fix. It seems that the odor for you is a real problem, so that in itself may turn out to be a HUGE problem later on.
As i think I may be a little behind in your postings, I believe you said you do have a male that is coming into sexual maturity, also I believe you said something about getting 2 females and wanted a colony situation.. now I don't know if you ever got these females but... lets first assume you haven't..
Okay your male coming into sexual maturity if he smells a female in the area will heavily mark the area, that is instinctive, the scents of a male is also very distinctive. The closer they come to sexual maturity the worse his marking will become, cure for this is neuter him.. it still will take at least a month before the hormones leave his system. Eveen with out the female smell, Mary can tell you, they will mark heavily, they are supposed to, after all it is their territory and they want everyone to know that.
Now if you have introduced the females, he will also mark very heavily, he wants to mark everything that is his, including them, if one becomes pregnant, he will mark heavily then to instill his smell on the little ones, and protect his area (instinctive)..
Now what will this stuff do for him? hmmm okay it will make it so he doesn't smell his own markings, guess what, that means that he will mark heavier and heavier so that it is "working" after all it isn't lingering for him long enough now.. If odor is a problem for you, then maybe you should reconcider the additions of the females, and just neuter him. I don't believe, I have ever seen long time owners/breeders that use anything to mask, cover or rid the cage area completely of their scenting. In fact I have never seen a long time owner or breeder say anything about the males not having a smell at all. It is a fact of life in the glider community. Males mark, sometimes that does smell musty, but if left alone, to air out, it also disapates within a couple of days. When they smell something that is not their smell, they will do what they have to to cover that and replace it with their own scents. I believe the product you are speaking of has a citrus smell to it. Very unlike a gliders scenting smell. Masks are for halloween, not for gliders scents. And something that is just sprayed on and not rinsed off is a mask of the odors, it doesn't clean them. So in essence it really is totally useless. You stated you use it daily, then you say that you use it for a weekly cage cleaning, both of which is really an over cleaning of the cage. I do a total cage clean once every 6 months, the toys are done in intervals every couple of months, the branches are not done the same time the toys are, nor are either done at the same time as the ropes are. The Wodent Wheel is cleaned weekly, the cage bottom again weekly, the wiping off of the outside of the cage about once per month, their pouch about every 3 months. If this sounds like a lot of work, well it is sometimes, but that is the choice I made when I took on the responsibility of my gliders. I have 9 gliders in my home at this time, my cages don't smell nor do my gliders, and they are in the living room. I had an awful time when I brought a new male home, the males were fighting for the scenting rights, and that first week was awful, but they finaly worked it out.. There is no cure for odor control, except a proper diet and learning your gliders. Remember they do what they do instinctivly, who are we to change those traits. They didn't ask to be brought in as our pets, therefore we sometimes need to understand that their downsides are part of who they are and accept that. And the smell sometimes is a downside. They have their reasons for it. We need to understand that.

Posted by: Bourbon
Subject: Jim.. I do want to...
When: 3:34 AM, 09 Oct 2000

I do want to say Jim, that I apologize now if you think we are patronizing you, we are not, we have seen over the years where peole have come in and stated they have this product or that product that works for odors. You are a fairly new owner, and many times we see this same thing by owners about the same time, when their males are becoming sexually mature. What we don't see is those same people that say these products work, come back and tell the other new owners that are thinking of trying them, that it doesn't. What we do see is that later on they come in here saying the same things we are saying now. We all have been where you are, we all have tried the products, we all have found that in time, the ones that told us they were useless, was right. The idea of a message base with varying experiences is that others can learn from those who have already experienced the same things. hence in your case the masking of odors. I believe this smell thing was covered in a past post and I believe it was TammyH that had responded with pretty much the same as we have here. She also is a owner of more than a couple of years. You do as you wish (that is your right) but lso heed what we are saying.. It isn't intended to patronize you, in fact it is to help you. We also have seen where the smells no matter what one tries become such an issue the glider is sold or traded, when all along they could have just made simple modifications in their diet or cleaning habits, that the smell wouldn't have been there.

Posted by: Jasmine,
Subject: My solution to the smell...
When: 8:33 AM, 09 Oct 2000

Hi, everyone! I'm new here.

I totally agree with you, Bourbon. It is IMPOSSIBLE to cut out the odor of a mature male when he's with females unless he is neutered. This is why I had Murry neutered. He was only 1 year old, but for some reason he managed to "get lucky" only 2 weeks before his operation.

Murry still marks. He doesn't do it as much and it doesn't wreak the way it did, but he still has the habit. That's how I could tell that he REALLY LIKES my boyfriend (Kev claims gliders would be perfect pets if they could wear a diapers). I found that gliders are similar to dogs when it comes to altering them. If you wait too long to get the male neutered he'll still keep some of his behaviors. I had Loki (Murry's son) neutered a little earlier (10 months), and he does not mark and never has shown an interest in his mother.

I volunteered at the Baltimore Zoo for several years, and use a simple remedy for cage cleaning. I wash my cages with a mixture of 3/4 hot water & 1/4 bleach. Aftwards, I rinse them off and dry them. I've found that takes care of all the odors, and when it's done consistantly every week there is never an odor problem with my gliders (keeping in mind my males are neutered). Hope this helps anyone who needs it.


Posted by: Mary,
Subject: Men
When: 4:11 PM, 09 Oct 2000

I know how it is..however my male does not mark his cage much at smells fine..its me that smells bad...he always marks me and mu clothing. He loves jeans and bras more than anything. So well not much I can do..I have to wash my clothes often..but soemtimes I even have to change clothes a couple times of day ebcause of this...but I ahve never had a cage odor problem! hehe