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Posted by: J.Boyce, jrbz1
Subject: glider
When: 6:52 AM, 09 Oct 2000

I have a male sugar glider that is around 15 months old. My kids, that no longer live at home, thought that it would be a nice pet for my wife. It is a nocturnal animal, and since both my wife and I work day shift, there is not much waking time spent with the little fellow. He is loving, a little flighty, but has never bitten anyone who has used any common sense in handling him.

It just is not the type of pet is very happy living alone, and as my wife and I can find a whole lot of time to give him, another pet is out of the question. It needs to have a mate. He constantly thrashes about the cage all night long. Therefore I am looking for a good home for him. He is very healthy. My wife actually concocts these special blends for him. He is robust and lively. He loves to play with straws. He drinks his nectar from them.

He is free to a good home. My wife even purchased a sleeping pouch and carrying case for him. His accessories are also free. You pay for shipping or make the trip to pick him up.

The nearest city to us is Zanesville, Ohio.
I surely hope that someone can use a robust and healthy male for breeding purposes. Just knowing that he is getting the attention that he needs is payment enough. We have given him the best care, but it does not take the place of attention and hands on love.

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Posted by: Robin,
Subject: none
When: 8:36 AM, 09 Oct 2000

You are really sweet people who obviously care about your little one. I wish I could take him off your hands, but I would not subject him to shipping.

Thanks for caring!

Posted by: Mac Jank,
Subject: glider adoption
When: 9:02 AM, 09 Oct 2000

I would take him, but to have him shipped by the Glider Railroad would cost around what it would cost me to just go to the breeder that lives here and get one of them. If you are desperate enough, please let me adopt him, I would love to have a sugar glider to keep me company. I have more than enough time to take care of him and bond with him at night. My roomate is going to get one soon, so He'll be a happy little glider. Please strongly consider letting me adopt your little boy. Thanx

Posted by: Brittney Jones,
Subject: sugar glider
When: 3:53 PM, 09 Oct 2000

I might be interested in adopting our glider. I have three gliders, one of which I have had for two years. They are all very happy and very tame. Please e-mail me if your glider is still available so that I may learn more about him and deide if he would get along well with my other gliders. Thanks.